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Map of Gran Alacant and the Costa Blanca

On this map of Gran Alacant and the Alicante area you can situate not only Gran Alacant, Alicante, Santa Pola, Elche and other local towns but see the Costa Blanca in full and the whole Spain if you like. Just change the scale (press "+" or "-" in the top left corner of the map) and move it with your mouse to the point of your interest. The Alicante airport and the holiday house in Gran Alacant are marked in red.

The holiday house in Gran Alacant is only 10km drive from the Alicante airport but it is not noisy because the town is not in the flight path (you can see it on the map).

Detailed road description from the Alicante airport to Gran Alacant:
At the round square at the exit from the airport, take the direction to Alicante, road number 332.
At the road fork just after, take the road 332 to Cartagena, Santa Pola (south direction).
Drive about 10 km, always heading for Santa Pola. Gran Alacant is a part of Santa Pola, and there is no sign for Gran Alacant: the exit road sign mentions "Santa Pola urbanisationes". You won't miss it because of the road bridge which is the first and only bridge between Alicante and this place. You must take to the right and pass by this bridge to enter to Gran Alacant.

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After the bridge (you'll see the LIDL shop to your right):
pass straight the first round square
follow the road until the next round square where you'll take to the left.
Then: first crossroad turn to the right,
second crossroad turn to the left,
third crossroad pass straight ahead,
next crossroad turn to the left, and you are on the crossroad of the streets calle de Orden Toscano and calle de Orden Dorico. Go ahead slowly for about 200 meters and you'll see the sign "Block 8". It is our block.

You are very welcome!

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