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Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving and more
Gran Alacant, Costa Blanca

Windsurfing Costa Blanca
Windsurfing, Costa Blanca

Gran Alacant is an excellent location for practicing water sports in Costa Blanca. All water sports amenities featured on this page are located within an easy reach from our holiday home in Gran Alacant. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, body boarding and more.

The closest to our house water sports club is Parres Center situated 3 minutes walk from the Carabassi beach along the sea in Arenales direction. Here you can hire equipment and take classes in kitesurfing, kayaking, sailing, surfing and body boarding.
Their telephones in Spain are: 965-416-906 и 629-632-009.

Kitesurf Costa Blanca
Kitesurf, Costa Blanca

Other kitesurfing spots in Santa Pola are the Playa del Pinet, Playa Lissa and Playa de la Gola. The best period for practicing kitesurf on the Santa Pola spots is spring. Summer and autumn are also good seasons. Generally the good navigable winds are the termic South, South-East and South-West winds. They start blowing after 1PM, when the sun has heated the land, and last until about 8PM. Tese termic winds are stable from about the end of February to the beginning of November. The kitesurf spots of Santa Pola fit well for any level of kitesurfers because there are not many waves.

The closest kitesurf spots north from Gran Alacant are on the beaches El Altet (3km from Gran Alacant) and San Juan (near Alicante). The good navigable winds for these two spots are North-East and East. On both El Altet and San Juan spots there are a lot of waves, so they are considered as spots for kitesurfers of higher level. The winds on both spots are stable all year round, but the El Altet spot is situated on a beach for holidaymakers which makes it difficult to navigate in summer. That's why this spot is more convenient for kitesurf in winter.

Check weather history as delivered by the Gran Alacant weather station.
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Here's the windguru for Santa Pola.

For surfing you can check the Spanish language website that resembles to a portal for surfing in Alicante.

The beautiful coastline and stable temperatures make the Costa Blanca a paradise for all water sports lovers.